Blackened as fuck, Scottish as fuck, crabbit as fuck – Scumpulse are a four headed beast with a heart of pure crust and a shell as cold as finding your mate in bed with your maw.

They use guitars, drums and a crow in a box to make black metal that’s fresh as a lemon yet as crusty as a scab. They sing about the important issues, but without the lyric sheet you would never know.

Hailing from the East Coast of Scotland, the band was born from the slimy remnants of Fifteen Dead and Tower of Flies. Over copious beers, fast drugs and a mutual loathing of work, they developed a sound akin to waking up in a freezing puddle of your own piss at the foot of a shared stairwell. A twice pressed EP, “By Design”, was first released DIY in May of 2014 and supported by several UK tours. “Rotten”, their first full length LP, is complete and will be out on the 23rd of February through LA-based Gore House Productions.

They have shat in the bags of weaker bands, eaten meat pies in front of vegetarians, vomited buckfast on straight edgers and destroyed a perfectly innocent urinal in Portsmouth. But at what cost? At what cost?


“It’s an engaging listen in that way where you’re gonna find a few different ways to headbang.”
– Greg Kennelty (Metal Injection)

“Scumpulse’s fusion of black metal and crust is ‘Rotten’ to the core.”
Decibel Magazine

“Scumpulse are living proof that a parallel universe exists in which every song goes up to 11”
– Olaf Furniss (Scotland on Sunday)

“This is an outstanding debut that blows a lot of their contemporaries out of the water. I eagerly await an album.”
– Tommy Concrete (Boneyard Magazine)

“Putting some crust into a black metal blender, these guys from Edinburgh make me very happy. It’s all the good stuff you could want and then there are wailing guitar solos and that’s when I wet myself.”
– Katy Radcliffe (full review by Anthony Everitt at Blog of Putrefaction)

“By Design is a very strong debut indeed, and I look forward to hearing what Scumpulse can do in an album format.”
– Jack Traveller (Onemetal)

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