_DSC8653-2Scumpulse are a four piece punk infused Black Metal band from Edinburgh, Scotland. The band was formed at the end of 2013 / early 2014 after the death of the Scottish Blackened Crust band, Fifteen Dead. Ross began writing music and Matt the lyrics for what would become Scumpulse. The lineup was completed by Andy and Magnus early ’14.

We released our debut EP 31/05/14 and have since played various festivals (Such as Hordes of Belial, Glasgore, Funeral Fest, Cramond Island, Vomfest) and completed a 10 date UK tour in November ’14, a 4 date mini-tour in January ’15, a 5 dater in April ’15 and a 10 dater in April ’16. We have also promoted our own mini-festival, Vomfest, in Edinburgh, as well as hosting DiY house shows under the name of Black Cave to fantastic success.

Due to selling out of the first pressing of our debut EP we repressed it in January ’15 with a further 3 bonus cover tracks. Writing for our debut album is complete and recording began at the end of 2015. A single taken from the album was released in November ’15 on limited cassette.

Heading into the second half of 2016 we will be finishing up recording our album as well as playing at the WideDays band showcase, Scotland’s music business expo held in Edinburgh. We are the first metal band to be asked to play at this event in it’s history.


“Scumpulse are living proof that a parallel universe exists in which every song goes up to 11”
– Olaf Furniss (Scotland on Sunday)

“This is an outstanding debut that blows a lot of their contemporaries out of the water. I eagerly await an album.”
– Tommy Concrete (Boneyard Magazine)

“Putting some crust into a black metal blender, these guys from Edinburgh make me very happy. It’s all the good stuff you could want and then there are wailing guitar solos and that’s when I wet myself.”
– Katy Radcliffe (full review by Anthony Everitt at Blog of Putrefaction)

“By Design is a very strong debut indeed, and I look forward to hearing what Scumpulse can do in an album format.”
– Jack Traveller (Onemetal)

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